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I shed the skin
of responsibility
and stretch

Arms above
my head
face raised
to sunny skies

lips lift
eyes light
and the pressure
starts to slip

where I hope
it remains


Eddy and flow of you

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The river flows
takes my thoughts
of you

Rushes down
so sensually

Caressingly along
every high
until the lows

Reaches along
the edges
Eddies and slows

Comes to blows
with insecurities
and sighs

until these lie
on the bank
of my mind
over thought and

Waiting for me
to wake up
and push them
back into the flow

Back to belter
of mingling streams

with reams
and reams
of steamy

If the world stopped

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in the end
the world stopped
And I felt

Not from the spinning
or the changing

But the emptiness
In the pit
of my stomach

where your kisses
left a mark
on my soul

Parking metres 

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I got a message
That my parking
Is about to expire

And I panic
I have no other

To rest
This haphazard
Half crazy
But a little too sane
Truly erupting

This over
Frame of mind

State of chaos
Press rewind
But the buttons

And the message
Is clear
My times up
And I’m outta

Power of rain 

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Rain drops
Onto this dark head

Soak into
This thirsty soul

To be fed

No more lies
She whispers
So soft

Here with the rain
Rinse off
This clinging pain

And never
Allow it to seep
In again

Here in this world
Gone insane

Shine the light
Into the beauty
Of breast
And brain

And the rest
Let drip
Right on down

Real estate 

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Pristine square footage
Of white walls
Empty countertops
Wide open spaces

Devoid of the faces
That I see
In almost ten years
Of memories

The new covers
Once bright walls
And the fingerprints

The clutter
Cleared out
For someone new

Where once I felt safe
And happy
And secure

Like these walls
My heart feels
Wiped clean
Of all I was

Playing the victim

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I wish I could be strong

That you could see

You weren’t fully wrong

About what you see in me


You say what you want

Me to stop playing victim

Yet these things haunt

Evil continues to taunt


What you can’t see

Is the truth of me

The pressing fee

Weighing me down


Give up the truth

To save yourself

Put endless worries

Upon the shelf


And forget about

Unless it’s your turn

To scream and shout

As shame hotly burns


For living through hell

That’s back to tell

And I’d sell my soul

To make myself whole


Instead your problem

That you refuse to hear

Just move on you say

Despite horrifying fear