Thanks giving

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As I drive
Glorious sunrise

Canvas splashed
With hues
Of pinks and blues

I raise my shaking
To the heavens

In thanks
Teardrops drip
In ranks

At the
Awakening beauty

And immense
In my heart

At the art
I’ve been gifted
To be part

All I have to do
Is open up
And look

Into my child’s eyes
Or the suns rise
And the realization
That’s just
The start


What do you see?

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In your eyes
What do you see
When you look at me?

Is it the green
With gold speckles
That are my eyes

Or the insecurity
Of what lies deep beneath
Buried in my sighs

Or the pain even
Deeper seated inside
My soul
Where the little girl
Is curled up
In the darkest corner

Or is it the tears
That drip down
This face
When I see the worlds
Between the beauty
And the broken

And the words left unspoken
Written all over
Their beautiful souls
Waiting to be made whole
Once more

Or is it just the woman
Standing here
Trying to be brave
In the face of it all

Holding up these
Tired bones
Wishing wishes
Not of riches
But simply asking
Not to fall

From another perspective 

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You say
Shame on me
And that just may be

Given the overly
Contemplative way
It’s run through my mind

Before I pressed rewind
And played
it all again

But I could say
Shame on you too
For leaving them
To me

While I struggled through
Nightmares, long days
Set in stubborn ways

I fed, listened, worried
Empathized and
Loved them

While I didn’t sleep
Couldn’t keep
Any part of my inner peace

There’s the old adage
Watch the one finger
Pointed in blame
With four back at you

But that’s not who I am
So instead I’m going
To wrap these arms
Around you tight

Knowing that you
Just might
Be feeling some
Of my shame too

And even despite
It all
I hope you find
The same peace
I do

Holding on

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Splintered seams
And pain filled dreams
Where every second

It all back again
And again
And again

Worms it’s way

Inside of my shame
Ridden brain
Long standing refrain

With the words
And deeds

Plants more seeds
Where flowers
Left unwatered

And left me
Inside the night
And sighing

Desperately holding on
To the little whisper
Of light

Spider-Man moments 

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Halfway up the wall
Where I scurried
Without care
Step by colourful step

Without thought
Or decision
Or revision
Just instinct

Until suddenly
I’m stuck
And I have to decide

Do I continue to climb
Or go back where
I came
Or do I fall?

The smell of love 

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With the first red leaf
Nostalgia hits
And lips lift

The scent of
new paper
and fun of new

Back to routines
school fees
And chaos

And the odd
feeling of love
of the 8 am call

“Mom, Finnegan
won’t leave the house”

And the cranky
chipmunk voice
as I not so gently
Coax his butt out the door

And my favourite,
the two muttered
“I love you Mama”
before the click on
the other end

Beautiful souls

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The words drip
So beautifully
from the tip of your pen

Reverberate from lungs
Dance off tongue
Before sung from lips

With soft vulnerability
Yet quiet strength
About wonders
Dark corners
A good mans choices
And the small insights of life

Strung together
By melodies
And emotions
And infinitesimal bits
Of your soul

Woven throughout
Bound together
To trick this listener
Into feeling whole

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