The way we love

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When the world is crashing down
We stand together
Holding hands
Standing strong
Against the storm
Heart to heart
When otherwise would tear us apart

Your beautiful eyes stare into mine
Memorizing every line
And there’s nothing
I can define
That would change
In the way we love

Dark skies and turbulent nights
Wondering sometimes
If we’ve lost sight
But one look into each other’s eyes

We can plainly see
The beauty and clarity
Of what’s right
And good
In our love
With you and me



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Inside this chaotic mind
thoughts push
And pull

Bully one another
For the opportunity
To press rewind

Before they line up
One by one
Row by row

To repeat
Every unkind
Out of the blue

Come unglued
Cruel commentary
Of self doubted thought

Self taught
For naught
Word, by word, by slicing word

That strips the confidence
From these bones
In condescending tones

Until the only thing left
Is this child
Inside this woman’s mind

She’s obviously
Out of her league
And what were
they possibly thinking

When they thought she
Was worthy
Of such lofty pursuit

And now they’ll surely find
That she’s a fraud here blinking
In her empty head
So little to be said

Recycled dreams

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You took away my right
And now I relive it
Every single night

These tears soak
Into my pillow
As I try and fight

And wonder if maybe
Just maybe
I deserve this pain

That wrings
This heart out
And again
And again

Where in the light
Of day
I pray

fragile faith
Can keep
Tired memories at bay

Instead of recycling
Them back
Into sight

Giving them wings
And flight

And punishing me
For something
I don’t understand

And can’t possibly
Get right
Enough to ignite

Blanket forts for rainy days

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Blanket forts for rainy days:

Let’s build a fort
Out of blankets
Make a sport
Out of cuddles

Soaked in puddles
And puddles
Of tears
That drip down our faces
Made only of laughter

Or the miles
Upon miles
Of smiles
That fill all of the spaces
Like sunshine
In this otherwise rainy day

Where happiness
Made with love
Keeps any sad thoughts
Firmly at bay

A remedy
Full of giggles
And wiggling limbs

Where we can’t tell
Whose feet are whose
And where either
Of us ends or begins

From this pile
Here in our blanket fort
A panda standing guard
At the door
Of our secret hideaway

And where this place
Is filled with so
Much love
Here today

Smiles to you

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A twitch
At the right
Corner of my mouth

Where you like
To take the very tip
Of your finger

And coax my smile
When I don’t
Feel like it

Except this time
Just the thought
Of you
Does the trick

Homemade spoons

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Moons and moons ago
She ran out of spoons
But he kept demanding more

So she opened the proverbial drawer
And carved them out
Of flesh and bone

Bloodied hands dripping
Where she sat in the dark
Very much alone

Where in the daylight
She polished these spoons
Handed them out

In one held
Helium filled balloons
Extended in the other

To entertain her babies
Pulling off the very illusions
That anything was really amiss

Kissing foreheads and wiping noses
Holding one door open
While another closes

Wiping the nonstop tears
As the pain filled the years
Slipped away

Long since out of spoons
And sagging Balloons
filled with lies

Room without doors

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She sat there

For so long

In the corner

Of this old room

The five year old girl

Green eyes

Staring soulfully

Up through dark hair

Fair skin face


In dirty

Tear stained tracks

Never aging

Never raging

Never lying

But sadly crying

Always speaking truth

In the broken innocence

Of her youth

Wondering now

How you made it through

Into this room

Without a door

Where she’s been here

All this time

Inside my mind

Way too honest

To be kind

Never aging

Never raging

Never lying

But sadly crying

Always speaking truth

In the broken innocence

Of her youth

While outside the weather


The emotions ranging

All the topics constantly


What I know to be true

She simply sat

Pushed up against

The wall

Knees against her chest

Hugging the only one

She could attest

Would keep her trust

Which cruelly

Was herself

But not without

Hope mixed the call

Yet you walked in

As if no walls at all

As if No years had past

As if No tears had fallen

Let the sunshine in

To this darkened room

Warmth soak in

To the dampened gloom

Where she sat

Never aging

Never raging

Never lying

But sadly crying

Always speaking truth

In the broken innocence

Of her youth

Now my biggest question

Of all remains

Will she escape

Into the light

Will she Let you help me

Set it right

Or will she remain

Sitting in the corner

Of that room

In the gloom

Singing off key


To help the time go by

For now she sits just

Inside the safety of her room

In your arms

Holding tightly on

Looking into the brilliant

Blueness of the sea

Liking the smell

And freshness of the trees

As only a child can

Not worrying

About what will be

Never aging

Never raging

Never lying

But sadly crying

Always speaking truth

In the broken innocence

Of her youth

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