The answer to why

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What’s after
A million and nine?
Why the rest
Of the reasons
I love you
Baby mine

Why is the sky blue?
It shines like
The colour
Of your eyes
To remind me of you

Why did the bad guy
Do that?
So that we could
Just a little longer

All safe and snug
Me and my
little love bug

All of your questions
And all of your tries
Make the love
Shine more and more
out of my eyes

So keep asking your questions
And I’ll keep loving
You more
With every
One of your “why’s “


A billion plus one

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How much do I love you?

My love
A billion plus one
Plus some

What’s in the plus?
A peanut butter
And pickle sandwich

Some advice
That turned out
Half right

And a million kisses
Across lips
To say goodnight

Where we lay
On a blanket
Side by side

Hands held tight
Looking at the moon
And the stars

And singing along
With the fork and the spoon
About coming home soon

To you
Where my heart

Sharing the wonder

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Scenery flashes by
As fast

My mind sees
Little bits
Of wonder

In the sunshine
Green of trees
Or branches laid bare

Myriad of traffic
Rushing somewhere
Here and there

And I sigh
Because I want
To share it all
with you

So I’m trying to capture
Every little detail
So you can feel
The wonder too

Living examples

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I walked by
Saw him wrap
His arms around
Her so gently
Yet snugly

And it brought
Me right got back
To you

Into your arms
Simple authentic charms
That always
Never fail
Make me want to run

Fast and furious
Your way
Jump through time
And space

Until we’re once
Face to face

Tick tock of hearts

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Every second
Ticks by
Like your heart beat
Next to mine

And the thought
Of you
Makes me feel
Just fine

Because I know
Your words
Aren’t just another

But a promise
So utterly sublime
As to draw
An invisible visage
Here in the recesses
Of my busy mind

Where we swim
Walk and climb
Cry, try and sing
And laugh so hard
Our cheeks
Hurt for weeks

And love so much
In action
The words are simply
A lovely addition

To everything
You do
To show me

So I’ll just close
My eyes while we’re

Listen to the clock
To hear our hearts

And know
Our love is here inside
Where all beautiful
Things reside


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Green eyes light up
Stare out
Through dirty
Airplane pane

Fingers pressed against
The sides
Unable to hide
The smiles

Seatbelt barely able
To contain boy
Lips lifted so high
Made me want
To cry

Happy, happy tears
Of joy
To see that face
All lit up again

So these same green eyes
Pressed up next
To his
And watch us
Take off

Then laugh
When he turns a little
The colour
Of those beautiful eyes

Before these giggles
Turn to sighs
As I lean back
And close my lids

For a moment
Just thank God
For the precious gift
Of this kid

Gates to Heaven

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I will enter your door
With dirty feet
Bare from walking
Mouth chapped from talking

Halo bent
And tarnished
And askew
Green eyes twinkling

From the joy
I’ve found in serving
Those who needed me

In my feeble attempts
To be the love
I imagine Jesus
To be

And I will fall
At your beautiful feet
And ask for your grace
All the same

Without guilt
Or shame
Or a modicum of blame

Just my freckled face
Lifted to you
In the utter childlike faith
Of my humanity

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