Never satisfied

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They line up
For their turn
Arms crossed
At the wait times

Fingers wagging
At everything
I’ve surely missed

Subtly nagging
saying the words

All the while
The motivation
To find solutions

Yet wanting

But inevitably
not liking
My answers


Little reminders of faith

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Words are churning
Acid burning
Holes in my gut

Tears down my cheeks
As I sit and fight
This voice inside my head

Tells me it’s just not enough
And as I do what I do
To ease the pain

Surf through social media
To escape this world
Endlessly scrolling
Mindlessly trolling

I see your smiling face
And remember the day
I looked through the lens
And took that shot

And the knots
start to unwind
Just a little bit
And these unkind
Inward thoughts

Turn from roar
To whisper

Where I still know
I can’t do it all
but must have faith
That somehow

It’s gonna to be okay
And there smiling back at me
Your smiling eyes

And the love I see there
I know somehow
It doesn’t lie

Sweet dreams

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Sweetest of dreams
My dearest love

May the man
In the moon
Softly croon

Until you fall
Into my arms
And we dance
With the spoon

Before we
Giggle like children
Then tumble down
Into a pile

And the cow winks
And says he’ll
Be back soon

Then it’s just you
And me
Arm in arm

Lip to lip
As we sip
From this endless
Tap of love

That drips
From our eyes
To our souls

Takes all
Our broken bits
And glues
Them back together

Us perfectly

Before the sun
Comes up
And we open
our bright eyes

Sunset love

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Shades of greys
And hues of blues
Likeness to your eyes

Where I can look
For weeks
Soulfully seek

In my happy sighs
When I think of all

The reasons
That make up the why’s
Of my love for you

So true
That this changing
Sunset sky

Cannot possibly
As I relay my affection

Every reflection
Of my souls
To be yours

Packing my love for you

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I watched you drive away
Bags packed
Hopes bundled in Jesus

Nerves trundled
Faith intact
Little bits of insecurity

Still creeping
Into those beautiful eyes
Seeping in with
Your anxious sighs

So my love I packed my love
Beside your things
To bridge the gaps

To bring you comfort
In those moments
You feel alone
And far from home

Wrap my love around
Your bones
Like a blanket
To keep you warm

And remember
I may be here
And you may be there

But together
Our broken pieces
Have merged together
And become one

My strength is yours
And yours mine
Even in our darkest hours
Beauty sublime

Because love
Is the epitome
Of our salvation

The gift of a messenger

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Through a simple letter
of encouragement

Meant to show me
The beauty of Jesus’s love
(Which it surely did)

The light of that love
Shone so brightly back
To his face, so intently on mine

With so much kindness
Etched in every line
Love meant without intention

But pure hearted love
And not only did I see
The intended

But the utter beauty
Of the human heart
Of the bearer of the message

And with profound tears
Without fear
I bow to you Jesus

For the gift of more
Than just the message
But the messenger
Who now holds my heart

Looking through the windshield

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Fat drops rapidly
Slam into the windshield
As I stare
Into the blackness
Of this rainy night

Trying to find sight
Into what the future
Should look like

But the road just bends
And I can’t pretend
It doesn’t scare me

I wish for sunny days
Full of your light
Beautiful blue eyes
That help me see

And I hope for ways
To manage this
Knot in my gut
When I can’t see at all

Hold onto faith
When I’m on my knees
Fresh from a fall

But the road just bends
And I can’t pretend
It doesn’t scare me

So I’ll pray
When there aren’t
Words to say
That can stay
The fear
Built from years
Of experience

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