Pitfalls of ego

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Looking only
Through the lens
You’ve placed

To fit us so neatly
Into a box
Labelled “disposable”

Thinking ego
Or pride
Behind which
You clearly hide

As you seek only
A deliciously
Shallow ride

Will save you
And perhaps
You’re right

And you’ll
Find comfort
Of that
In your narrow mind

In the midst
Of a cold,
Cold night


It ain’t fair

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I reach out
To touch you
And you’re not there

Just outta reach
Which is so
Not fair

I wanna run
The very tips
Of these fingers

Softly, so softly
Along your skin
Until every tiny hair

Stands on end
Waits impatiently
For these lips

Where I will
Take little sips
Before gulps

But still
I’m sitting here
Just outta touch

Gives me such
A unsatisfactory sigh
I ain’t gonna lie

Noon delights

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Just a little

It’s just after noon
And baby

I’m gonna be
Coming soon

In every delicious

You can sway me
To say…

Heres a little kiss
To hold you
At bay.

Hope instead of fate 

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Inside this
Crazy spinning

Dripping with
The usual dread

I push aside
All these fears

Ignore the proof
In all those years

Flirt with life
With such abandon

Rife with doubts
And wasted youth

Seek redemption
In this truth

And smile at you
With these eyes

Take my answers
In these sighs

Stop wasting time
On goodbyes

Instead I state
My clear intention

And ignore
What otherwise
could be left
To fate

Puddles of me

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Today as I walk
To get tea
My sparkling eyes

Every intricate detail
Of every cloud in the sky
And birds
Flying by

I pause
And wonder why?

Was it that
With a flick
Of the switch
You liquified me?

Or every chaotic
Rambling in my brain
Has finally
Let me be?

I think I’ll refrain
From wondering,
Slip these eyes shut
And remember

Just exactly what
You did with your tongue
And again
And again…


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I want to
Throw up my arms
Lift my head

Face tilted
to the sky
And laugh
And laugh
And laugh some more

Until my sides stitch
And my cheeks ache
Deliciously hurts

While I drown
In the rain
Finally let go
of the pain

Until heart
And mind
Are solid again