So you say

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You say
You love me,
You think
That you see

You feel guilty
For it all
As I collapse
By the knees

Feel the hot tears
Streak –
Come tumbling

Where all my
Worst fears
Have come
Home to roost

Not at all
What I ever
Could have thought
It would be

You say
You Love me
And I’m certain
It’s true

Yet here I sigh
In these tears
I cry

If this moment
Will be the one
You say goodbye


Real estate 

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Pristine square footage
Of white walls
Empty countertops
Wide open spaces

Devoid of the faces
That I see
In almost ten years
Of memories

The new covers
Once bright walls
And the fingerprints

The clutter
Cleared out
For someone new

Where once I felt safe
And happy
And secure

Like these walls
My heart feels
Wiped clean
Of all I was

Bright moments

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Our song came on
In the middle
Of my day

And for a moment
It took me
So very far away

From the stress
And chaos
Fluorescent lights
And daily fray

Right into your arms
Head rested
On your shoulder
As we swayed

I closed my eyes
Held on tight
Before it ended
And then I sighed

But for that
Brief glimpse
Everything in my world
Was right

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Awaiting the storm

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as everyone braces
for the winds
To come

I open my arms
So wide
To the storm

That for once
I’ll be swept away

Instead of
Sitting here
In old decay

Secretly knowing
The storm
Is long since gone

Left only
With the remnants
Of stagnant fears

And decrepit tears
From long gone

Please release me

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This sharp pain
Pounding sharply
Straight through
This over exerted

Needs to lessen
And fall apart
Until I cannot feel
One damm thing

Not the loss of his love
Or the removal
Of this ring

Let me fall
So blackly
Into this abyss

Where I won’t mis
The soft touch
Of his fingertips
Along my parched soul

I won’t look to him
To help make
Me whole

Instead I’ll feel nothing
And the tears
Will stop rolling

And I will stop
Paying this toll
Full of these fears

And maybe
Just maybe
I can take back
These years


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Here I am
Naked before you
Without any kind of mask
Behind which to hide

Just the exhaustion
And fine lines around
These green eyes

Go ahead and ask
What it is that tortures me
In the darkness
Of night

The soft echoes
Of my terrified cries
Or late afternoons
The weary sounds
Of my frustrated sighs

I impatiently wait
For the glory
And shining of light
Basking in the glow
So shiny and bright

Instead of staring
At this tired face
In the mirror
And wondering
Where all of this empty space
Filled this place

Between mechanic smile
And the endless miles
Between where I wanted to be
And where I find me
Ever hopeful
The universe will finally see

Where I belong
And where I will thrive
Instead of questioning
Why I’m alive

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