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It’s 3am
Beneath these tears
I let go
Of all these dreams

Where I’m
No longer certain
Because they mingle
With nightmares

When you didn’t
Hear my screams
And I felt
Not just my fears
But all yours too

And reams
And reams
Of white cotton clouds
Behind the curtain
Of self doubt

Here in my soul
And the silly thought
You’d make me whole

And these inane ideas
The darkness
That lingers in me
Wouldn’t take its toll

So goodbye my love
I won’t see you soon
Because the girl
You once knew

Sees the light
That there ain’t no hope
In the night
That clings
To this clammy skin


Knowledge transfer

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In the darkness
And the light
You’ve been
My real life hero
My love
My knight

Who despite
Your very own battles
Took up
My plight

When blind
With fear
Give me sight

And always
Never fail
Work to make
It right.

A lesson
That love
Isn’t the shiny things
Or always bright

But the simple act
Of wiping my tears
In the horrors
Of night

Holding my hand
When nobody would

Taking my pain in
And again
And again

Never letting
Me accept
Really old shame

Seeing me beautiful
At my very worst
And knowing
Without any words
To hold me first

That, my soulmate
Is what love is
Which of course
You already knew

Seagull politics

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He stands
Chest puffed out
Slick and suave

Holding court
His subjects

Deciding who stays
And who
Gets hucked

And I relate
To the unfortunate
Little seagull

Who doesn’t make
The cut
On the bobbing dock

Impromptu meditations 

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Floating along
So gently
With the waves

Made from speedboats
And children
Jumping into the cove

As my hand dips
Into cool water
To glide just beneath
The surface

Sun glints
Off the silver
Of the Claddagh
On my finger

And in this
Beautiful moment
I think of you

Hear the bells ring

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The day’s eyes
Blink open
Instant smile
Stretches wide

Unable to hide
The happiness
That bubbles up

At the thought
Of her sweet bard
And his sassy ghost

Whom it’s so clear
He loves the most
Open their eyes too

To begin
Their adventures

A vow
A kiss
A promise

And the love
sweet love

Looking at them
One just
couldn’t miss

So the sun
Raises a glass
And wishes
Them bliss

Random thoughts

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I sit here
Backdrop of
Clean white tiles

Sunlit particles
Dance in the air

Warm water
And bubbles
For what seems
Like miles

In the centre
Legs crossed
Time suspends

Missing your smiles
They should be

Right here
Across from me

Of here
In my memories

Midnight prowl 

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In dream state
Under vibrant glow
Of full moon

Skin shone bare
I become aware
Of you

As if by fate
We lift dampened lips
To the sky

Just off beat
Then in unison

Taking sumptuous sips
Of unfettered freedom
Between our growls

With no commitment
Or resentments
We simply take flight

Not giving a fuck
What’s all wrong
Or should be right

So here I stand
Naked in the light
From the arms
Of Mother Earth

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