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Just after rain
Breathing in
Feels like rebirth

Free of smog
This brains fog
And politics and pain

Water slowly
Rips through silence

Where for briefest
Of moments
The world seems

And I refrain
From constant train
Of thoughts

Savour this moment
For nothing but
Its unique existence

Deep resistance
Of all lain before



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Here in the dark
Where old monsters
Insidiously hide

Deep inside my mind
Only to come
Out to play
At the end of the day

When every guard
Has fallen down
In utter exhaustion

I sit
And breathe
Through the pain

But then there you are
Light inside my brain
Making me smile
Through the tears

Fantastical worlds 

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Sweetest dreams
Of kisses
And wishes
That all come true

Of cotton candy clouds
And only skies
Of the brightest blue

Where somewhere
In the distance
Is me
And you

Smiles so wide
It’s so impossible
To hide

And we can confide
In the suns truth
Wise in all life’s ties

Minds full of youth
And goddesses

And love
Pure love
Cannot lie


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Despite every
Or line

Number, Symbol
And sign

There just isn’t
To explain

Just how much
You mean
To me

Learning to exhale

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Breathe in
Then out
And do it again

Keep pushing
The air
Past the pain

Let this constant
Stubborn sadness
Slowly wain

Just smile
At the world
Like its gone sane

Let these fists
Become unfurled

Past the thunder
Release these tears
Cleansed by rain

Breathe in
Then out
And do it again

Trapped inside

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Here inside
This tired mind
I cry

For every single
One of these
stolen moments

Here inside
This tired mind
I die

Every time
I see how this
Hurts you too

Here inside
This tired mind
I sigh

There ain’t nothin’
I wouldn’t do

Here inside
This tired mind
I ask why

This brain won’t let go
Pray so hard
To any God who’ll listen

Here inside
This tired mind
I lie

Say it doesn’t matter
And it doesn’t hurt
And it’s all ok

Here inside
This tired mind
I cry


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These parched lips
Plant a seed
A soft kiss
to forehead

Hesitant fingers
Reach out
Trace path down
Wet cheeks

These green eyes
Peer so deep
Into yours

Where my soul
Ever so softly
It’ll be ok

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