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White cotton clouds
Almost gloating
In cerulean blue sky

And there ain’t
No real reasons why
This lump
Stuck here in my gut

And pursues
This pending feeling
Of utter doom

Even though
There ain’t no
Sights of gloom

Just sun shiny day
And me with my way
Of feeling it all

That desperate
Kamikaze rush
As ground open up
And into darkness
I fall

Even though
It’s all in my head
This chest crushing
Incessant feeling
Of dread


Summer winds

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I will always
Think of you

Your whispered
Drift gently
Across my soul

Your words
Your sweet

Once thought
To be wind
Curl around me
To make me whole

Stay with me
From the dark

Let your thoughts
And kisses
And words
Find their mark

Between the lines

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I’m here baby
Thinkin’ of you
Outta the blue

Of kisses
And wistful wishes
With passion too

Freedom sought
The mundane
And utterly insane

Where you and me
Only see
The space between
Our hearts
And these eyes

Measured by
Satiated cries
And the happiest
Of sighs

In a place
Where this love
Just cannot

A piece of the cake

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He didn’t want to share
The richness of cake
Not even
For her sake

He wanted to lick
Every last crumb
Play dumb
To her desires

Stoked fiercely by
Other fires
And sinners’ pyres

Hoping she tires
Of sharing the spoils
Except foiled again

He settles instead
To share
just a forkful

But then questions
Or salad?

Grins like mad
When he finds
An escargot fork

Holds it out
In supposed surrender
In his clever wit

Hoping the piece
Will fit
Except he knows
Her smiles
And her wiles
And how her love goes

Drunk on you

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I’m drinking you in
Every time I close
my eyes

I feel my sighs
And as your fingertips
Curve into my thighs

And these constant highs
As your breath
Pushes out
And I bring it in

Something this beautiful
Must surely
Be the worst of sin

Except so profound
So deeply akin
To paradise
As you trace my skin

Your touch
And your eyes
Imprint inked
Into my soul

And when
I melt into you
I begin
To feel whole

You are

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My shining knight
My fierce warrior

The salvation
In my splintered mind

One of a kind
So baby let’s
Just press rewind

Where just you
And I

Sing off key
Worship the sun

Or the darkness
Maybe just each other

Lover to lover
Soul to soul

Where pieces
Of each of us

Will once again
Make us whole

Ripples in the flow


Go with the flow
Just go with the flow
They say

Do as I do, just obey
They say

But for me
It’s just not okay

I don’t live
In the black
Or the white
I live in the gray

So please, please
Stay with me baby
Here in the gray

We’re not gonna go
With the flow I say

We’re not gonna go
With the flow
Because it’s not ok

We’re gonna
Make our own waves
We’re gonna see that
This saves

Every last drop
Of our love
And his love
And her love too

And it’s gonna be me
And it’s gonna be you
And it’s gonna be whoever too

Because we’re not
Gonna go with the flow

We’re not gonna
Take it slow
We’re not gonna stay
With the status quo

We’re gonna go
Where we wanna go
And we’re gonna do
What we wanna do

In brilliant shades
Of pink
And yellow
And green
And blue

‘Cause we’re not
Gonna stay
In the black
And the white

We’re not even
Gonna stay in the gray

We’re gonna change
We’re gonna change
Our day

And we are gonna
Have our say

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