Beautiful souls

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Where the rays
Meet the waves

Create a thing
Of beauty

I’m reminded
Of where your soul
Meets mine

And I know
It’s just as divine

Here I sigh
Wipe profound tears
From these eyes

Because beauty
Of the image
Before me
And within me


Stuck on repeat

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Come on baby
Come crash into me
We’ll fall together
Tangle your body
So intricately with mine

We’ll ignore the world
And we’ll combine
This incredible sensuality
So sinfully divine

I’ll take your breath away
And you’ll give me life
Keep any sign of darkness
So far, far away

In our dimension
Where we’re sure to find
We’ll want to press pause
And then rewind

Special place in hell

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“Take care of them”
She whispers
Into the empty space

Hot tears
Roll uniformly
Down her face

I try to call out
From behind the glass
Scream at her
Feel my heart race

But she can’t hear
Past her fear
And she sits and cries
Feeds the lies

But then she looks up
And stares me in the eyes
Fire burning
Hotter than the yearnings

She yells back her ire
and tells me
there’s a place in hell
and to leave them be

But then she looks
Sees her own reflection
And denies deflection
As she sings her wrath

Leaves me in a bath
Of my own tears
Wishing she was wrong

But I feel the flames
Flick hungrily at my heels
And I know
I may already be there

Innocence and light

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Let’s go back
To sunshine kisses
On upturned noses
Summer hoses
And twilight rides

Cycling through memories
Of campfires
And licks from pink tongues
On melting ice cream cones
Devoid of phones
Or responsibilities

Let moonlight be our guide
And innocence
Be our map and compass
In these ever changing tides

Where nothing hides
But me here
Giggling with delight
As you count
And then seek

Here with you

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I can smell you
On my pillows and sheets
Feel you on my skin
Taste you on my tongue
Breathe you from within

When you’ve gone
Close my eyes
Love you
In our memories

You become my remedy
And redemption
The brilliant swatch of light
Take cover from night

Our limbs entangled
In incredible delight

And I have to fight the urge
To wrap you up
And refuse to let go

Because between us
The flow
And sparkly glow
Feeds my hungry soul

Picking at bones

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You call me a vulture
Complete with expletives
Say I swooped in
And picked
At your innocent bones

Until they shine brightly white
Like your sweet
Sweet innocence

Sitting there all alone
And apparently I’m to blame
And over
And over
And over
We play this game

You tell me how
I’ve ruined your life
And that it’s all on me

You’ve already selected
My special place in hell
Questioned my values

Integrity and every
Other fucking thing
That pisses you off

But when you look at me
Picking your bones clean
It ain’t what you first thought
Because you didn’t see

The mirror
To realize it isn’t me
But you, with blood on your hands

Panicked edges

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Sitting in this sterile place
Staring at every face
The pressure in my chest
And presses
And presses

Until it feels as if
My ribs will snap
And my cavity with cave

Into my heart
Where I hold all of this
Constant fear
Year, by year,
by year

And I pray
To all the gods
Who’ll hear

Take me from this place
Help me find some space
Between the edges
And abyss

Angels kisses
And vibrant wishes
Emerald meadows
Defend my sanity

And I kiss his forehead
And hold her hand
Trying to understand
The meaning of it all

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