Need more than an army

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Just like Humpty
When he tumbled
Then fell

He didn’t tell
Even if they could
Glue back his shell
He’d still be in hell

Instead of horses
Or all the king’s men
He needed most
Was inside his mind

To feel whole again
He thought
He could do it
All by himself
But Humpty was a fool

And now
All his broken bits
Sit upon the shelf
As a cautionary tale

But I ask the queen
Who didn’t do a damn thing
For the poor guy

If she used her needle
To sew me back together
Would the pieces even fit?


midnight prowl

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I am howling
To the moon
Filled with this
Incessant need

To run free
With you
Let’s let loose
And feed

We’ll get lost
In the wilderness
Of our desires

Dance around
Midnight fires
And fall
Into each other

Where vulnerable
Yet safe
Despite it all

Sweet somethin’

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Please whisper
Sweet somethin’
Inta my ear

Baby, with
Your sexy voice
Kiss me maybe

Yes, right there
Just like ya do

Say somethin’ new
Sexy secrets
To curl my toes

I wanna be bad
I wanna be had
With you…..

Kiss me baby
Let’s see
Where this goes


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You whisper
Little wishes
At the tip of ear

Tiny tingles
Like kisses
Down my spine

I turn into you
In hopes
Of capturing

Just a bit
More taste
Of your desire

What warriors do

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Here I stand
Naked before you
Wrapped in nothing
But vulnerability

I lift my arms
Spread wide
Palms displayed
Nothing to hide

I raise my voice
To be heard above
This incessant din

From within
My voice sings
Of long lost things

And I ask you
Please fall into me baby
And rise
All the wiser with me

Let me be
Your only fear
Until all you hear
Is my love
Amidst the sky


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You sigh
And I cry
And neither
Gets heard

Despite every word
Spewed from lips
Between sips
Of righteous sness
Of who is right

And we lose sight
Of the love
And what it feels
To hold on tight

Cause we’re lost
In the ever dark
Of this night

And all this might
Is for nothing
If all we end in

Is this useless fight
In the absence
Of light

Mother goose

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She’ll embrace you
When you’re angry
Or jealous
Full of hatred, fear
Or righteous truth

She’ll face you
And the fight
Always desperate
To make it right

Hold on tight
Through any
shade of blue

But sometimes
Little tears
Tumble down

Because she has
No fucking clue
Of what to do

So she smiles
And she fakes it
Until they can’t see
This heavy toll

It takes
To make sure
Her unruly gaggle
Is whole.

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