Looking through echoes 

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Between the silence
You say
So much more
Than with touch

It helps me understand
Just how much
I truly meant

As the wet sand
Into the bottom
Of the hourglass

But still I remember
The soft trace
Of calloused hand

And I ache
For the fantasy
I built in my mind

Except I find
Reality ends up
Much crueler than kind

Yet still I wait
And listen
For those words
From you


Can I have this dance?

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In this macabre dance
His horns tucked
Behind his crown

Handsome as sin
The devil himself
Spins me around

And with that I go
One step forward
And two steps back

Then two steps forward
And another one back

As we tug at the other
In horrible romance
Somewhere deep within

Reluctant lover to lover
The damn breaks
And salt leaks out

And with that I go
One step forward
And two steps back

Then two steps forward
And another one back

And before I’ve even
Had the chance
His pink tongue licks

Up every tear
Before he so sweetly
Whispers every fear

And with that I go
One step forward
And two steps back

Then two steps forward
And another one back

Everywhere I see is you

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In the towel
I always place
Just for you

In the scent
Of the body butter
On my damp skin

In the colours
In this candlelight

And the memory
Of your arm
Pressed around
Me tight

From the song
Softly playing
On my phone

And how it makes
Me feel
Just a little less alone

Afternoon reflections

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Heat soaks
Into sore muscles
Harvest gold enamel
Impromptu oasis

Purple toe nails
Reflect off cream tile
Where feet stretch
And rest

I look up
Water stained ceiling
And see shapes

Like a sunny day
Skies brilliant blue
With roaming clouds
All big and fluffy

Bubbles pop around me
And I wonder
Is that an angel?
Or an elephant?

Lessons in love

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What could I teach you
That you don’t already know
You’re the kinda kid
That goes against the flow

Nothin’ and nobody
Can move you somewhere
You don’t wanna go

So I’m not sure
What I can show
Except this profound love

That starts in my soul
And explodes
In brilliant shades
To my baby toes

And ain’t nothin’
That’s gonna ever
Make that love fade

So I guess it’s all I got
And all I am
This love
That breathes repeatedly
In and then out

Letting go

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Leaves turn
From emerald shades
Fade to orange
Shaded to brown

Slowly dying
Yet still
Holding on

Sheer will
To cling
Onto something

When the branch
Is shaking
Trying to release

Eager for new days
Soon waking

Yet that leave
At the possibility
It’s no longer needed

Feeds it’s fear
To let go
Be free
Of old tree
And grow anew

Everything happens for a reason

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Almighty universe
Please tell me why
Was it to make me stronger?
‘Cause how strong can I be

From exhaustion
Not love
I’m so weak in the knees

What exactly was meant to be?
Has that bitch karma
Come to punish me?

But you see it wasn’t my sins
That have come home
To so fruitfully roost

Was it meant to boost
Me from shadows
‘Cause it’s just plunged me
So much deeper in
Until nobody wins

Was I meant to learn
Set fire to me heels?
Well the wheels spin

It’s dark outside
And cold within
And now it just feels
Like no reason

Is worth this pain
And I’m not sure
What more I can lose
To discover a gain

Wasn’t my
Or dignity enough?

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