Reluctant Goodbyes

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Sitting here
Looking at strings
About all sorts
Of things

All life brings
And takes away
Without reason
Or words to say
I want to beg

Please stay
Cover me
Where I melt
Hold me up
Keep these demons
At bay

With your love
And words
Except you can’t

You don’t know
What to say
And I can’t
Keep telling you
So you go
So far away

And my tears fall
And the silence
In empty space
I yearn to call

Confess it all
Stubborn pride
We both can’t face
So my whispers
Fall on deaf ears

And minutes
Feel like years
And still I love you
Despite the pain
Nothing more to lose
And still I refrain


Monday’s girl

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Here in the dark
Where it all began
I question
Will it end here too?

I dream of you
Once Monday’s girl
Now just a bad taste

Fictitious swirl
Of what I once
Thought was love
Except I was wrong

Once strong
I wilt away
To any other day

Here in the dark
Where I’d hoped
I wasn’t alone

But I’m a fool
And that’s cool
I’ll just cry
Here in the dark

Ignore this pain
Refrain from blame
Lie in shame

I was just a pussy
Free for you
But not to me


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In the hospital
Festively decorated
Beauty amongst pain

In a cage

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Nightmares stalk me
Down long corridor
And dark streets

A dimmer switch
On sunlit days
The devil whistles

All the while
The pendulum sways
And it takes
Every last breath

To keep walking
Despite the maze
Where rats race

Around and around
In this beautiful
Blanketed haze

Stage whispers

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Tiny Grains Of silky sand

The hand 

That never 

Hope rallies 


falls back
Wishes stack

Like blocks 

And the moon

To insanity 

Of broken clocks