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Because I see
In this smile

All the while
Tired to marrow
Of bones

Hold me up
Crowded rooms
Yet oddly alone

Knowing I’d do
Anything despite
Miles to go


Take me

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Where goose-bumped
Warms with kisses
By summer sun

A subtle slip
Of hand in mine
until wholly
I come undone

these shackles
That haunt me
Unspoken words
To taunt me

Your eyes
Take it all away
And my sighs
Waged from
Wistful cries


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My truth bruises
Leaves a red mark
On delicate flesh

Where you heard
Me explain again
Beasts in the dark

That I didn’t refrain
Or shield you
From this terror

Vehement insistence
You wear it too
Except you can’t see
Or don’t hear

This very real fear
Pulsing from
My weary bones

As you tell me
I should atone
Then leave me
Standing here
In the dark alone

I wish

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Truth felt like
Cotton candy wishes
Kisses of sunlight
Against bare skin

Love was always
Like that soul piercing
Look between
Newborn and mother

Or lovers entwined
With smiles
That stretch
Countless miles

Where life was fair
When effort
And skill
Actually earned
The well earned fill

Instead of the kill
All the while
Remind me
What a bitch is
This thing called fate
As my mate

My love

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Never half-assed
All or nothing
From the nakedness
Of this tattered
And bruised soul

I will give
Every single thing
I am or can be
To the very last

Not just skin deep
But slowly seep
So far in
Until I walk through
Soul to soul
Talk to you

Whisper reassurance
In dark of night
Hold your hand
Wrap all that’s me
Around you

Despite wet grains
Of times sand
And when you
May lose sight
I’ll hold you close

But remember
As fully as this
Fills all of your
Empty spaces

Without a reason
To keep going
Can just as quickly

Just gonna

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Until the day
I’m finally done
I’m just gonna smile
So I don’t cry

I’m gonna say nothin’
Rather than lie
I’m just gonna smile
So I don’t cry

I’m gonna stop askin’
All of these why’s
I’m just gonna smile
So I don’t cry

And somewhere
In between these tries
I’m just gonna smile
So I don’t cry

Between new hellos
And old goodbyes
I’m just gonna smile
So I don’t cry

‘Cause in the dark
It gets kinda scary
I’m just gonna smile
So I don’t cry

The definition of insanity

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Cold raindrops
Skitter across
Slick pavement

Methodically plop
Plop, plopping
From angry clouds
Where grey day
Bled to night

And I’m so cold
So damn old
In this wet train

I wanna rail
Against this
Same old refrain

I wanna plot
And scheme
Make love all night
Until breaking
Of light

But these damn
Salted drops
On my parade

And nothin’ changes
And nothin’ fades