let the winds blow

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Green leaves scatter

Blown to shatter

The peace of sun

Come so undone


Left only with tears

Seem to fall

For bitter years

Where I sit


Wonder if it’ll all

Someday be okay

And the winds

Will blow this fear

So far away


Clear the clouds

Long left to linger

No longer allowed

To cause this decay


And as the whispers

Of wind tickle

Tips of my ears

I open my arms


Bend to my knees

And reverently pray

To whatever deity

Pretends to hear



Uneasy quandaries

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In the end
Will I be
The catalyst
To set you free

Or the reason
It all went
From heaven
To fiery hell

Even worse
Will I ever
Cease to be
This purgatory

And the question
Left unanswered
Will I be
Your undoing
Or will she?

Days of worship

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Schools of fishes
Swim in patterns
Between fingers
Dipping into current

And reams
Of wistful wishes
Slip off my tongue
To Softly linger

Like traces
Of little kisses
Placed upon
Sun warmed skin

Evoking elation
So deep within
Somehow akin

A willing sacrifice
To Brigid
And inspiration
Of long lost
Worship of a

Star gazing

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Twinkling of Ursa major
Dazzles my eyes
Frazzles my senses
As I peer intently

Look gently
For my fortune
Like a cookie
To swiftly crack

To find the paper
To take me back
To the first wishes
Before kisses

Wrapped in innocence
Bundled in dreams
Stars in reams
Twinkle in teams

Forgetting realities
Instead pretending
To boldly live
In what life seems

Rusty mantras

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She whispers
You are not alone
Slowly tumbles

Madly grasps
For those words
To pull her through

She whispers
You are not alone
The words caught

The last syllable
But makes it out

Before the door
Rushes forward
Slams shut

She whispers
You are not alone
Every now and then

Hopes to become
That shiny eyed
Believer once again


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Don’t think
I’m the easy path
‘Cause you can’t
Feel my wrath

Don’t walk a mile
And think it ain’t
The same road
I’ve travelled a while

I ain’t really sinner
Nor am I your saint
Just ’cause I smile
Don’t mean I’m
Fodder for the faint

These drying tears
Have sordid stories
That go on for years
Fuelled on fears

So don’t give me
Your broken gears
Or don’t think
Im too blind to see

The truth in eyes
Of wasted time
Don’t be shocked
When this clock
Stops ticking

Moments like this

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We played
All afternoon
In brilliant rays
Of August sun

Water splashes
Bubbling flashes
Of happy laughs
Makes for silly fun

Fresh berries
And salty kisses
On warm skin
I come undone

A moment
Pressed gently
Into the pages
Of my mind

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