Reflection or reply?

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I send my love

Out into the aether

Hear nothing

But an echo


Is it your reply?

Or simply

My own voice


Coming back

To haunt me

With my very

Own words


Who am I?

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I am compassion
With the underside
Of judgement

I am hypocrisy
Who asks for truth
Yet fears to speak it

A mind tangled
Between wisdom
And endless youth

I am contradiction
Spun in circles
Yet held in check

I am life
From my womb
And my mind

I am kind
Seek right
Yet sometimes
Lose sight

I am brave
Despite the fear
Insert a smile
In place of tears

I am fragile
And strong
Sometimes right
Often wrong

I am the off key
Of an old song

I am blind
To what I’d be
Only to see
Every fault

I am oddly sane
In a nightmare
That calls my name

I am sunshine
After the rain
Washes away
The pain

I am the me
I don’t always
Let you see
That might be


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I feel your pain

And you feel mine

These tears


Spiralling down

Again and again

And again


Powered by fears

Between memory

And the unknown


Just before it clears

I feel your pain

And you feel mine

The queston of romance

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It’s not just an answer

To a well-placed query

It’s an impromptu dance


Where we get caught

Between a glance

And intimate embrace


Or when fingers

Slowly, softly

With grace

Trace every line

In my upturned face


It’s a walk

With just you

And the moon

Fingers entwined


Stepping to the tune

Of our rapid beats

Where we race

To get somewhere

Then sleep ‘til noon


It’s a single flower

In an unusual hour

A simple note

Or a quote

Left to denote


The very core

Of our souls

And the reminder

That a piece of me

Makes you whole


Dear universe

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I throw myself
To my knees
Beg you, please

For something good
To replace this terror
Which comes
In frightening reams

Until my seams
Continue to unravel
Pain from these
Bloody knees

Swiftly travel
To my fickle brain
Pushes me
Ever slowly insane

Evil whispers
In constant refrain
And the tears
That tumble

And again
And again
And yet again

Every nerve
Left to crumble
Once vibrant ideals
Now humble

Appreciation desired

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Juggling, juggling

Constant asks

Endless tasks


To keep them up


See the liquid

Half full

Not empty

In this plastic cup


Better yet

Completely full

Of sweet red wine

That releases time


Stops this pull

To scatter tears

Undeserving years


Feeling guilty

For someone else’s crimes

Give me peace

Before the rain


Tell me you love me

Again and again

And again


Until I can believe

I deserve its truth

In long dead ringing

Innocence of youth


Left only with

Soft singing

Of a lovers proof

That life is good

Waiting for sunset

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I’m just a girl

Surrounded by dark

Trying desperately

To light a spark


Create some light

This moonless night

Where pain

Is forever ripe


To be harvested

Typecasting me

In role of damsel

So weakly in distress


In a mind trained

To redress that fear

Pretend it’s all okay

To ignore these tears


Out of her mind


If her tired mind

Will ever again

Be kind



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