Murder of the mind

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I walked
And walked
And endlessly

Tears tumbled
Through thoughts
As resolve
Cruelly crumbled

A crow
At every corner
Did he know?
I was breaking?

At the seams
Fears fumbling
Reams and reams
Of waking dreams

And mumbling crows
At my feet
Insane ramblings
Of defeat

Where I stop
And wonder
Is it a murder
Or just one bird

Even worse
The curse
Of a lost mind
On constant rewind?


Still here

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Shut me out
Brush me away
But I’ll never play

Because darling
I’m here to stay
So close your eyes

And tell me go
You gotta know
The answer’s no

I’m right here
Whether you can
See me or not

In your heart
Wrapped in
Your soul

I am a part
Of the sum that
Makes you whole

So let those tears
Slowly tumble
And wallow
In your lonely fears

And know
I’m right here
Holding you near
Loving you dear

Waiting for you

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Tick tock

Tick tock

Of the clock

That surely

Must’ve broke

‘cause that damn

Little hand

Hasn’t moved

No matter how

Much I poke

As I sit

And stare

That rapidly

Turns to glare

But it doesn’t

Move an inch

I feel the pinch

Of impatience

As I wait

And I wait

AND I wait

Until it states

The time

Is finally here

And I’m soon

Gonna hold

You near

Misfiring receptors

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Heavy haze of

Drug induced brain

Partially shrouded pain

Mingles with this

Foolish refrain


Repeating again

And again

And again

Until I fear

I’ve gone insane


I sit, blankly stare

Wait for it to wane

Wonder if it’s fair

To try and explain

Yet still not understand


The players at hand

Not be able

To simply refrain

From thoughts

Because my brain

Brassily demands


Through the fog

Of where I’m lost

Dull the pain

And stop the mind

But at what cost?


Languages of love

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Bodies press
Desperately wrestle
Pressure builds

Patience redress
Until I confess
That I need help

And it pains
To truly admit
But hope remains

Rescue comes
kindness reigns
With redemption

A white knight
In a blue taxi
And all is right

Happy trails

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We cycled past oceans
And towns by the sea
Whistled by birds
Flew with the bees

Pedalled as the sun
Slowly soaked into me

Through the Galloping Goose
We finally let loose
Rode with wind
Rushing through hair

Rich in the air
And for a moment
Nary a care

A smile, a laugh
Worries cut by half
Despite the pain
In my bum

Ain’t nothin
Not even the pain
can glum
Such simple fun


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Lights switch off
Brain turns on
Thoughts bombard
Peace is gone

Soothing swishing
Of the fan
Yet still I cannot
Find the shut off
My wired mind

And images
Old memories
To reluctantly find

Leaving nothing
Too wholly true
To be really kind

Yet meander
To the bright, sunny
Spot I’ve got
So full of you

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