Beautifully entangled

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Somehow you
Got tangled
So Deeply
Inside of me

Until impossible
To separate
The very particles
Of root from tree

Bits of debris
From my soul
To the parts that
make you whole

Left to see
This beautiful


Play with me

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Let’s stay in bed

Waste the day

Eat with our fingers

In between play

Let feathers fly

As we nap away

The hours

Slowly ticking by

With little kisses

And no need

For penny wishes

That already

Came true

Blue skies

And candy clouds

Can’t shroud

This playful day

Where we laugh

Then come undone


Worries by half

Mingled with

Whispered stories

And nothing

But fun

Rattling chains

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On the train
Rattling back
And roughly forth
Cold, fat rain
The dirty panes

With the woman
Begging for change
And the student
stares at his phone

Ignores the woman
And the old man
Under breath
Casting glances
From side to side
Of us all

And me
Most pathetic
Of this motley crew
As salty tears
Over stupid fears

And the struggle
To cope
And God forbid
The incessant hope
That this time
These chains
Will break

Cuddled up to you

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Sunshine peaks

Boldly sneaks

Through dusty panes

The ache slowly wanes


As I roll into you

And the shine

From your eyes

To mine

Wipes away the blue


Your fingers brush

Through my hair

Rush across skin

Shoot all worries

Into the air


Obliterated swiftly

By happy little sighs

Followed shortly

By even happier

Little cries


White flag waving

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Let this well of tears

Finally find bottom

And seek peace

From ragged fears

Constant reminders

Of misspent years


Let this dull pain

Fade softly away

Give the relief

As anger ebbs

And wains


Destroy these webs

That hold

Me stiff

Lift me up

And pull me out

Of this den

Of darkness


Allow these eyes

To adjust

To the starkness

Of the light

But most of all

Cease this fight

Or flight

Let it fade

Into the night


Forget about wrong

Or right

To just be

And be able to see

This woman

Everyone but me

Seems to see


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Painful pull

As string

     by string

         By string

Of the rope

Squeeze out

Pent up hope

Threads stretch

And sting

And break

Light of day


Every bloody fray

Lungs left


This time

The nightmare

Has last say


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Little sparks
With my breath

As they prance
Happily dance
Grip my core

Then race
Through veins
Like runaway trains
Unable to stop
Wreaking havoc
With my senses

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