Grand reminders

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I saw a homeless man today
And it took my breath away
He sat on the cold cement
He didn’t have to lament

Despair was cuttingly clear
In the blue of his eyes
The colour of skies dull
Emptied by constant fear

As year, by year by year
Life whittled slowly away
And the long dried tears
Scattered to the breeze

And I stand here and see
How previous little things
That my life still brings

I saw a homeless man today
And it took my breath away


Fleeting moments in cherry blossoms

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Sleepy sun stretches
Rubs at the brightness
Before she blinks

Slowly lifts pink lips
Giddy laughter bubbles
Up to the brink

Spreads outwards
To soak into
Dewy cherry blossoms

She brightly slips
Into my cold fears
Attempts to grip

Salty tears
Long assembled
Thru these years

But darkest night
Cannot resemble
Her fleeting light

Soaking up the sun

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I sit here
And hold dear

Between now
And that
Single moment

Where I looked
So deep
Into the beauty
That’s you

Just before
your essence
Into my soul

all ok

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It’s ok to cry

And it’s ok

To ask why

And to sigh


At the way

Years seem

To take wings

And fly


Wander on by

Until the moment

The world

Grinds to halt


And pulls

Out the salt

To cruelly pour

On fresh wounds


Where just

Moments before

Wings in flight

Just stop


Take up

Bewildered fight

And day

Slams into night



Loops and spirals

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Stomach curdling
Heart thumping
Mind expanding

Before the crash
Of broken bits
Pain filled

Cool feel
Of soft earth
Squash between
Ten little toes

And a soul
Still whole
That despite
Constant fear

Death by a thousand cuts

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No extraordinary



Epic magnitudes

After platitudes


Simply singular

Little clips

Vicious snips

On pale flesh

And tired mind


Not one

Of any kind

But too many

Makes impossible

To truly find


Not the truth

Or the excuse

Of untried youth

Being obtuse

Where to find

To press pause

And not rewind





Dispersing the crowd

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Echoes through
Where laughter
Once filled
The room

Now turns cold
salt filled drops
Slide down
Slowly plop
Onto pink toes

A mind knows
The difference
In the crowd
Betwixt happy
And sad

And the heart
Fights the mad
While pride
Is kinda glad
For the emptiness

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