Splashes of colour

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Light reaches
Sparkling tentacles
Grab at air
Brilliant hues

Odd little clues
Of meaning
In every thing
That brings

Swift smile
Without worry
Of miles
Or vexed fury

Only moments
All too rare
Where life goes
Without care


Rush hour

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Here I sit
Tired brain
Heavy bones

Into crowded
Eastbound train

Feeling alone
Except these
Hundred clones

Trudging home
Expressionless seas
Of humanity

Am I lovable?

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In the midst
Of the sum
Of it all

The call
To that place
So deep

Even faintest
Of light
Can’t creep

In the end
When glass
Meets sand

And the hand
And wonders

What all ask
Before they dare
Lift the mask


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Dark floats
Above my bed
Inside my head

Tired eyes
Look hopeful
To the window
Hopes for
Coming light

Try to ignore
Salty sighs
As they fight
To get through
Another night

Where fear
Hovers near
While a mind
To find

Spinning smiles

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Let’s find a place
Where we can
Spin and spin
And spin
Until we fall down

Wrapped in laughter
Then get back up
do it all again
And again
And again

Air on our cheeks
No care
Of minutes
Or days
Or weeks

We’ll seek
Incredible highs
We can fly

And the tears
We will cry
The happy kind
Mixed with
satiated sighs

Saint vs. sin

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This weary mind
Beg final bye-bye
Black shadows

But they ain’t
Goin’ nowhere
But hittin’ rewind

Faded youth
Ain’t being kind
Bringin’ up shit

From my youth
Until every day
It ain’t doin’ ok

It has it’s way
Saints vs. sin
The latter wins

Be all right

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I wanted to laugh
So I laughed
At all life brings

I wanted to sing
And I surely did
Off key melodies

I wanted to love
With little satiated

Driven to succeed
Faithfully at
Every single need

But I never
Wanted to cry
These tears I bleed

I wanted light
Not shadowed
Ceaseless night

Yet I smile despite
And tell myself
Little while lies

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