Me time

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Smooth taste

Of crimson wine

Mingles with

Soft music

And time

That is mine

A sure sign

It’s a dream

Not the quiet

Safe haven

I find from

My tired mind


solid ground

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Doubt the world

And doubt me too

But look deep

Into my eyes

See the love


Stop this

Pointless worry

All these imagined




It’s not just you

Who fears

Or cries


Tell those voices

Inside your head

To stop spilling

Hateful lies


Doubt it all

And doubt me too

Words are words

But my eyes

Don’t lie

End of day

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Pretty scenery

Flashes past

The train rushes


A tired hush

On the long

Commute home

Where thoughts

Instantly rush

Beyond people

And past the view

Look for a clue

Of what to do

To pause this

Tired mind

To press rewind

Wonder if truth

Will ever be kind

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Softly sung notes

Calmly float

Over and around


Gently nudge

At the tension

Built up

Slowly over time


I sit and listen

With faint hope

This knot

Will budge


And in the end

All I’ve done

Will help


The judge



Surprising results

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She shovelled
And shovelled
Upon piles
Of putrid poop

Went on
Endless miles
Forced smiles
Hands raw
unforgiving metal

Carefully around
Fragile petals

Until she stopped
To look
Into her bucket
And all she’d done
Must have won
With such efforts

But all she saw
Were the endless
Exhausting miles
And bucket
So packed full
Of shit

Can’t resist

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Not to write

Is like pushing

Every breath

Suddenly From

Full pink lungs


Without words

Horrifying death

Of crowded mind

Fantasies woven

Get tangled up

Begin to unwind


And I find

Every thought

Screams at me

To write



So much to do


End of night


So I breathe

And I write

And forget death

Even breath

And focus

On the words


Learning to swim

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Water rushes

Panic rises

Face immersed


Instantly hushes

Screams escaping

Yet still the fight


Against night

Desperately swim

Toward the light


Water embraces

Somehow encases

Until there’s naught

But to give up


Only then

The realization

I could breathe



Even better

It wasn’t water

But simply love


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