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Incredible kisses

Inserted amidst

Silly little wishes

Pennies thrown

Into the dry well


Soft fingertips

Trace a path

Stuck somewhere

From here and hell


Where loving you

Sings soft lullabies

Hides unspoken lies

And battle cries


Between monsters

Here in the darkness

And such satiated

Happy little sighs




Sooth sayers

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Cool fingertips

Softly slip

Across soft skin

That encases

Aching pain within


Faces pressed

Close together

Barest brush

Of softest lips


Heartbeat flips

Kamikaze flops

Threatens again

To finally stop

As distance reigns


Blown kisses

Followed closely

By ragged wishes

Of warm hands

That take hold

Of stories told



Breaking through silence

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From meditation
Sirens break
Bitingly through
Shatters the odd
Quiet of night

Glaring red
Crimson in black
Then blue
Strangely reminds
Me of you
Made bright

Burning rubber
Against wet
Cold pavement
And yet
Remnants of rain
Clear out
Sudden pain

Where I stand
Ponder, yet again
Who will save me
From these voices
In this weary brain
Singing off key
A weird refrain

Thoughts to my babies

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On this Christmas Eve
As I sit and contemplate
The gifts I’ve bought
I think more about
The ones I’ll leave

The gifts I can give you
That don’t come in a bag
No ribbons, wrapping
Or ridiculous little bows
Just the little things
I’ve gotten to know

And if tomorrow forbid
I should have to go
I’d want you to hear
All these gifts I share
And for you to know
Without doubt
Just how much I care

So to you my loves
It’s my soul I bare
So here’s what I dare
To come out and say:

Ignore those quotes
That tell you not to care
What others think
Because sweethearts
You should remember
About those you love
Even those you don’t

Ignoring their words
Won’t make you above
But will hold you in
So remember
who you are
Seek to see the world

From everyone’s eyes
Hear their various cries
Sometimes hurtful lies

Seek the truth
Not just as you see it
But as it truly is

Be true to yourself
And heed these words
With love from me
Because dear ones
I can see
Who you can be

Potential in every inch
Of beautiful hearts
Made so in innocence
Of youth

Where life’s truth
So much easier to see
Being yourself
So much easier to be

Please don’t lose that
Hold it tight
In inevitable night
Not just in brilliant light

And most of all
No matter how hard
Always try to do
What’s right

And remember this smile
Across any stretch
Of any mile
From my face
To wherever you are

A wet commute

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Saw raindrops drip
Slip down the pane
On the ride home

A day gone insane
Dark circles frame
The bearer of this
overused name

I find the blame
After another day of
remaining the same

And I look oddly
At the window
With realization

It wasn’t truly rain
I saw in the frame
But the tears in
mine own reflection

Earaches talk to clocks

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What is this ringing
Inside these ears?
Is it the chiming

Of broken clock
Or incessant rhyming
From misspent years

Maybe urgent fears
Telling me to stop
And take stock

Or the bitter tick
Whose finally risen
Against arrogant tock

Or maybe the pain
Is the final melting
Of this haggard brain

You were right

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You may not be able

To measure a guess

Of endless thoughts

Rattling loose inside

This never resting head


Or work to remember

The various, inane

Things I’ve done

Or all that I’ve said


And you may not

Frequently end

Up here on top

Of pointless fights

Except to recall

Long gone slights


And you may think

I’m the stubborn one

When I argue

Until the very last

Insane point is

Undoubtedly done


You got one thing

So incredibly right

When you said

You and I are good


Even in darkest

Moments of night

Despite my fright

Love is agreed

Dark becomes light

With that one

Amazing thought




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