Best medicine

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Green eyes sparkle
As his meets mine
Spaghetti arms wrap
Me in loving trap

As chicken legs
Race to reach
Before he states
Such incredible warmth

“I’m never gonna let go”
And I suddenly know
It’ll all be just fine


Hold my own

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I’d like to believe
I’m thoughtful
And Mostly kind

I’ve been told
Now and then
I’ve a beautiful mind

Out here in the cold
When I feel
Five years old

In the dark
Without a hand
To hold

I realize I must
Hold my own
Be my trust

While I whisper
Through soul
Blood and bone

I AM worthy
I am not alone
In my imperfectly
beautiful mind

Straw house

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Inside this very tired mind

There’s just an insecure girl

Who’s opened her heart


Shared pieces of soul

Hoping replacing pieces

Would make her whole


Except those other parts

Came from doubtful hearts

Ill-equipped for entwine


And resulting love divine

Because of that fated line

Drawn between us now


And I’m not certain how

Anything will end up fine

I disregard the signs

All because I love you


And hold our hope

Painful words you cry

Or life will get darker

When real love’s a lie


Playing the victim

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I wish I could be strong

That you could see

You weren’t fully wrong

About what you see in me


You say what you want

Me to stop playing victim

Yet these things haunt

Evil continues to taunt


What you can’t see

Is the truth of me

The pressing fee

Weighing me down


Give up the truth

To save yourself

Put endless worries

Upon the shelf


And forget about

Unless it’s your turn

To scream and shout

As shame hotly burns


For living through hell

That’s back to tell

And I’d sell my soul

To make myself whole


Instead your problem

That you refuse to hear

Just move on you say

Despite horrifying fear


Thinking too much

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Alone in this thought
So gallantly fought
Then so horribly lost
And at what cost?

For this lesson taught
And who will protest
These tears I caught
And will I ever rest

Or is this constant test
For naught?
Should I confess
Or give up this peace
So feverishly sought

Fraid wires

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We’re so disconnected

Here in this space

Face to shadowed face

Close enough to touch


But somehow like

We’ve been infected

Afraid to reach out

Just to be rejected


I want to be heard

You want to be loved

Except neither knows

Just how to go about


So together we sit

In this shadowed place

Every painful second

Of this horrible silence

Such a terrible waste

Broken parts

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On this blank page
There’s a part of me
She’s got wars
To ceaselessly wage

Armoured heavily
In hopeless rage
Horribly trapped
In this empty cage

And the other part
She makes barely
A sound

Hums an offbeat tune
Wrapped carefully
In endless wishes
To the man
Hidden in the moon

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