In your smile

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Inside your smile

And in your eyes

I could go for miles


Before I nestled in

To stay a while

Listen to nothing

But your happy sighs


Taste of your lips

Mingled so nicely

With satiated cries


Bask in the light

From your soul

To my old heart

So incredibly bright


Despite the scars

Miraculously mends

To make me whole



Two sides of me

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On this side of the moon

Where darkness creeps

Bone deep cold seeps


And this part of me

Uncontrollably weeps

While the other side


Gets to dance happily

With the tarnished

And devilish spoon

Listen to the silly man

Softly, softly croon


If only both these sides

Could somehow collide

Someday real soon


Open darkness wide

Until all I can see

Is the light of my smiles

Despite long spent miles

Finding the way

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The devils forked

Tongue flicks

Insidiously licks


The very tip

Of my terrified ear

As he leans near


Softly whispers

To the very edge

Of my conscience


Gloats he’s won

Gleefully waits

For me

To come undone


Except for once

I kick him down

Ignore his frown


Merrily snub

His poison words

Let the salt rub


At his setback

And smile

All the while




Tired to the core

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Stark weight seeps

Into the very marrow
Of ever
So many
Exhausted bones

Between flesh
And where
Crimson blood flows
In subdued tones

And my heart
Goes, flows, slows

Left to feel
All alone
And so
Far, far, far
From home

Stupid spoons

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He can’t find his spoons
Though I watched him
Methodically bury them
Under three full moons

Next to his dreary head
The pathetic words
He repeatedly said
About fucking spoons

But I ignored him
While I diddled
Ever playfully with
The man in the moon

I should have dug
The little riches up
Drank sweet wine
From the magic cup

Melted the metal
Into an armoured vest
To hold his fragile
Love Inside his chest

Even at the edge

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Edge of precipice

Nothing to be seen

But bitter darkness


And all that means

To the very brink

Of absolute fear


Covered with fog

And each ruthless

Thought to think


Still I softly feel

Your love that

Is forever near


And must confess

It makes it hurt

Just a tiny bit less




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On the unmade bed

My shiny guitar

Patiently sits, waits


For warm fingertips

To sensuously nip

At the hard peaks


Of smooth strands

Caressed by hands

Without any plans


But the pleasure

Of making miles

Laid in soft smiles






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