Reflections of me

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I looked in the mirror

Saw the delicate lines

Around my tired eyes

Built slowly over time


Then accompanied sighs

At the pockets of fat

And then the tears

I silently, steadily cried


Until I looked closer

At the bags I saw there

Made that way

By all of the care


I placed on my loves

And diligence of work

With the inner strength

That I stubbornly dare


I could see the smile

On my child’s face

Where I could trace

Every deed I’ve done


And every extra mile

Until I came undone

And the bags grew

And before I knew


I stood here now

In front of this glass

And saw only bad

Instead of class


And wouldn’t it

Be so terribly sad

If I couldn’t see truth

In my still vibrant youth?



Finding the now

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Walking in the sun
Kicking stones
Waiting for the carrion
To take away my bones

Except in truth
I’m just too stubborn
For any of that

Let my youth
Wash gently away
And leave me
Long in the tooth

Until all I see
Is what’s right here
And now
Finally, finally
Leave the past be

From the mouths of babes

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A little hand reaches
Wipes away the tears
A little voice teaches
To take away the fears

Somewhere in the
Darkest reaches of night
He shines his innocent light
With confidence states
“My sister says love
Gets rid of monsters

She gives me kisses
And little wishes
But they fade away
So I’m just gonna snuggle
If that’s ok”

Then he reached around
With his little arm
Held me close
Far away from harm
And didn’t you know
It worked.
Like a charm.

Ignite the rain

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Pitter-patter of rain

Drops on my shoulder

From trembling chin

And turmoil within


A symbol of pain

Where past refrain

Slowly, slowly

Drives me insane


I walk in wetness

Colder and colder

And I must confess

I wish for its end


Let the shiny light

Break through clouds

To bravely defend

Against this dark


Light the spark

In this cold soul

That will ignite


This brain gone

So fully insane

Birds and bees

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Sitting here with

The birds and bees

Naked like

The seven seas


Salted waves

Turn to trees

And the sting

Between my

Swollen knees


Sunshine kisses

Upon the breeze

Just you and me

And what we see


I find your love

Look in your eyes

Touch your soul

Sing happy sighs



Unlikely combinations

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The goddess sits

Upon this world

Sunbeams spill

From finger tips


Promised kisses

From pink lips

Until heart beats

Then flips


In the dusty heart

Of a cowboy

Quietly sits

Between her knees


Worships her

With little sips

Softly strums

Country melodies





Near or far

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In the blink of an eye

Time has flown

So swiftly by

Your hand nestled

So sweetly in mine

And still your kisses

Madly divine

Like the first touch

Of lips

That shot sparks

To the very edges

Of my fingertips

Yet even more

Than before

My love for you

Has grown more

Than I could

Have ever known

As I press you near

Or even far away

I still know

Your love

Is always

Right here

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