Challenge accepted

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Just when it seems

There’s nothing left

I could possibly give


And darkness rolls in

In depressing reams

Whispers devil’s sins

In the heart of dark


Music fills my soul

Finds ragged cracks

Tries to piece me

Back together whole


Oft too blind to see

This much needed

Reminder to feed

My old soul to live


And the love

But above all else

Accept the challenge

To Just be me again



Love of art

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Words appear

Here on this page

In concert

With every stroke


Of your

Brightly hued brush

Lushly spread

Bristles rush


Across canvass

Before inevitably

Your art

Covers the whole

Of my heart


I love you

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I love you
In the morning

I love you
Through the night

I love you
All the in-betweens

I love you
When you’re
Out of sight

I love you
Even when
Scary Monsters
Fill the night

But most of all
I love you
When there’s nothing
Else left to say

Be as it may
I love you
In every single way


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Old screams echo
In empty corridors
Of a crowded mind

Where ever stuck
On constant rewind
And painful befores

Remains so haunted
Brutal truths unkind
Nightmares unwanted

Ghosts of yesterday
Stop to sing hello
Come out to play

Aged reminders seep
Hang around to stay
Dark in the light of day

Anger slowly creeps
Through to every vein
Again and again
And yet again


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In that moment

Where all light



Even glowing red

Numbers staring

From the nightstand


Where time ceases

To move its hand

Blinded by fear


Blurred by tears

A reminder

Of all those years


I stared at the time

Ignoring its certain toll

Taken on my soul


And the only light

In this dark night

Is this thought

Of you


Angels among us

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Amidst this hell
Where I find myself
God or whatever
You call divinity

Sent an angel
To light up darkness
And kiss away fears
Listen to my ranting

Wipe away tears
Here in this heat
Upon this cold
Unrelenting seat

You still hold
My clammy hand
Through the line
I foolishly drew
In this fateful sand

Ignore hateful words
Come to defend
And hold me despite
All bravado I pretend

Should’ve lied

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I’m sorry that I told you

I’m sorry that I cried

I should’ve had a clue

I should’ve just lied


But I didn’t do either

You so clearly replied

Something in me died

The world turned blue


Wanted to convey

My unrelenting love

Instead of what I said

Now that chance will

Forever now be dead


I want to kill the pain

And face the truth

Without going insane

From misspent youth


Most of all I just wish

I was wrapped in you

Until this hurricane

Blew on through

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