In your arms

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I want to forget
Just wanna get
Outta this head

Into your eyes
Drown out noise
With satiated sighs

Until loneliness
Fades away
Completely dies

Wrapped in tears
Made from laughter
Instead of fears

Ignore wasted years
Till nothing remains
Nothings the same

Except for me
Mixed up in you
Finally free


Moment to forget

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Alone in this room
Nobody else at home
Dancing in the gloom

Idealistic lyrics on lips
Gentle sway along hips
Strange looks from cats

Just a moment grow fat
From beautiful words
Wrapped in lovely tune

In frivolous fantasy
That always ends well
Ignore what time tells

Wipe away silly tears
Close these weary eyes
Shut out endless fears

Always running

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I can sing until
I run out of breath

I can cry until
I run out of tears

I can jog until
I run out of miles

I can cower until
I run out of fears

Or I can stand
And I can fight

Begin this battle
Or let it always
Be night

Frayed and tattered

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Sitting in a crowded room
With this constant chatter
But may as well be a tomb

Bright despite the gloom
Bright eyed devil grows fatter
Sitting in a crowded room

Old clouds sit and loom
Fat raindrops pitter-patter
But may as well be a tomb

Nobody left to assume
Pretend it doesn’t matter
Sitting in a crowded room

Tick stops, tock goes zoom
My heart drops in a clatter
But may as well be a tomb

Silently wait to truly bloom
As nerves fray and tatter
Sitting in a crowded room
But may as well be a tomb

Head in the sand

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Deep within this stubborn mind
Reluctant to open to the light
Instead incompatible dances
Amid hurried fancy and flight

Diving head first into the dark
With only occasional glances
Franticly made attempts to
Fiercely obliterate the mark

Brilliant shades of crimson red
Morosely mingled with gloom
Inside sharply pounding head
Inside self- locked inner room

Even outside in earnest sun
Beliefs too honest to be kind
Where I come fitfully undone
Buried deep within this mind

Summer chills

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Cold clammy skin
So deeply chilled
By thoughts within

Even in the warmth
Of midday sun
State of mind unravels
And comes undone

Sleepless nights
Mingled oddly
With imagined slights
And lost sight

When exactly did
My worth become
A constant question

Waiting for crumbs
Of affections
Or even worse
Denied perfection

Best medicine

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Pitter patter of little feet
Racing across the hall
Before a jump and smile

Mama’s heart skips a beat
As skinny limbs stretch
Across mine in warm piles

Where love spreads
Threads through veins
To wholeheartedly regain

A simple truth of things
That little boy hugs
Erase what worry brings

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