threads of love

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The threads that hold me together
Softly tangle into my heart
And so subtly tether
Silken strands become a part

Every broken piece to be
Stitched to make me whole
Until you can’t even see
The jagged edges of me

Where love has slowly brought
The brilliant light into this dark
Discarded what evil wrought
Began removal of its mark

And sang with such beauty
Until the tears fell down
Not from these nightmares
But the feeling of your hands
In mine to lead me home


In this head so all alone

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Made of flesh and solid bone
Obsolete now that I’m fully grown
In this chaotic head so all alone

No grand ability to recreate or clone
Or press the button to be reboot
Even so the point is moot

Because it’s only me
That I refuse to be
Can’t you see, I’ve lost the key

Made of flesh and solid bone
Obsolete now that I’m fully grown
In this chaotic head so all alone

Locked out and gone astray
No fancy buttons to press play
Fast forward, or hit rewind

No convenient deleting of ties that bind
Or saving the drama for another day
Or until we all feel okay

Made of flesh and solid bone
Obsolete now that I’m fully grown
In this chaotic head so all alone

Wandering to a place so well known
In this chaotic head so all alone

Just a moment please

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Just for a moment
Let me be
Where salty tears fall
And I’m just me

Pushing through
It all
Always true
Except to myself

Inside this head
Where I store
Each separate piece
Upon the shelf

Put it safely to bed
Or instead
Wish it go away
Just a second
To be okay

As resolve wavers
Hurt favours
And the hand stops
In the hourglass
With the sand

Before I wrap it up
Remove emotions
Smother commotions
And pretend to be
The me you see

Insanity in pain

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Taken ever for granted
Every fluid movement
And graceful twirl
Each reckless swirl
Of hip
Breath, sip

Until it happened
That even the very
Slightest of inches

Excruciating pinches
Through every nerve
Across every curve

Movement once free
Without thought
Or fee

Now paid in pain
Even in sun it rains
Until the fear
It’ll drive me insane

Beautiful reminders of love

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Warm butter yellow hues
Cleverly designed
To take away the blues
Heal a tired mind
Press rewind

To a hectic life
Sometimes delight
Sometimes strife
Small battles
Between day and night

Pretty petals
That softly sing
With the ever so simple
Joy they bring

Much needed reminder
That everything
Has a time and place
In this crowded space
Not to replace
But to enrich


Simple moments

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Water tickles my toes
With elbows pressed
Softly into the sand

Brilliant shades of pink
Mingle with softer blues
And butter yellow hues

And my eyes sink
Into the beauty
As the sun retreats

A sense of utter peace
In a few moments
Of simple truth

Self pity sucks

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Sitting in this leather chair
Not able to go anywhere
Without the intense pain
That travels swiftly
From here to there

I can’t honestly discern
From where it is from
My biggest concern
That it’ll never be done

Feeling broken body
Right down to my soul
Wondering when again
I’ll be completely whole

Then kicking myself
For this pity I feel
Impatience to heal
And for karma to reveal
My final destination

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