Minor setbacks in strength

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Familiar tracks of salty tears
Wend leisurely downward
To nestle in stubborn fears

Dreams within dreams
Of Evils insidious sins
Nobody actually wins

Outwardly sweet silence
Thru darkest part of night
Where I’ve lost my sight
And can’t feel the fight

Where in the light of day
Well played thoughts
Barely keep it all at bay

And stubborn pride
That so sorely insists
I will have my way



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Sunlight tickles tenderly
Strokes the very tips
With the warmest lips

And she takes little sips
Of the love that soaks
Shakes off any sadness
Winter once cloaked

A little flicker of a kiss
Not a single inch missed
As petals turn to wishes

Flower turns to seed
Wild and free
This beautiful weed
Where life can see

The chance to truly be
And float in the breeze
To beautiful destiny

Goddess of love

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Silken skin, rapture to touch
Tracing fingers slowly
Along every single curve
Until it’s nearly too much

Stunning smile as muse
Take away these blues
Everything to give
So very much to lose

Beauty emanates
In every graceful move
Find the truth in her kiss
And nothing to prove

Aphrodite unravels all
Every desire elevated
In love to inevitably fall
From her sirens call

A body made for love
Wraps a heart to conquer
Every single fear
And the obsession
To hold her near

Satiated Sundays

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Lazy Sunday morning
Where it’s hard to tell
Where you end
I begin
And Yours then wend

Tangled limbs
Layered in answered whims
Mingled with satiated grins
Where everyone wins
With whispered sighs
Passionate cries

Green eyes mesh
With deeper brown
Back to green
For every beauty been

The true meaning seen
And the incredible love
Sunlight above
Every wish received
Happiness believed
Urgent need relieved

In the bright light of day
Nothing left to say
Every word said
Any fear laid dead
As we lay here
Limbs tangled in bed

Just a smile

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With absolutely nothing
But your brilliant smile
A tiny tingle starts
At the end of my little toe

Grows as it travels
Slowly then swiftly
Up a thigh, hip, my lips
To breast where underneath
The beat, beat, beating
At the centre of my being
Does a happy little flip

After midnight

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In after midnight whimsy
Of a beautiful mind
Alluring colours swirl
Wondering what she’ll find

Whimsical wishes respond in kind
New desires pressed to the moon
That frolic and gracefully twirl
Before they madly unfurl

For the most beautiful girl
With but a pencil and a thought
Quietly sitting and reminiscing
Of surprise moonlit kisses

Somewhere outside the window
To the suns peaceful slumber
Where she dreams
Of the brilliant lights

And unforetold delights
Basks in the warmest sight
Of a brilliantly lit sunrise
Mingled with pleasant surprise

Of the tender wishes wished
And softly spoken kisses kissed
And the vivid truth, whole
Written brightly on her soul

Rising from the ashes

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In the midst of brilliant rebirth
She takes the first step
​ Before the second
​Then swiftly forward
To face the reckoning
Despite the past beckoning
Begging for her surrender

Bloody tears wept
The bitter past swept
Away with blood and death
Despite fear refuses to be kept

She learns to forgive
As she stands in the cold
Deciding to be bold
Discarding the old
So vividly aware, to beware

Beyond the flesh
Beneath the bone
The heart of a woman beats
No longer retreats
Resets the wrong to right
Stands strong
Carries on

Even in the darkest hours of night
She takes flight
Arisen from the ashes
Such brilliantly lit flashes
Where she finally answers
Freedoms call
Despite it all

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