Be the love

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Deep Inside this
Ever talking head
Inner voices murmur

A momentary pause
To decipher what was said
To discover the cause

Was me after all
Who cares if your not ten feet tall
It harshly scolded

Be the love
You already know you are
If you can truly see

Before those voices
Gently folded
To silence once again

With the demons slain
Making it oddly plain
That to be the love

It’s just as simple as
Releasing what the reaper sewed
And finally letting go


Garbage day


Sweet silence from
The once brutal lamb
And the devil clamouring

To get over the wall
Past the growing heap
Of decaying dreams

No more monotonous counting
Of bloodied sheep
Or denial of peaceful sleep

Just the restless mounting
Of sunshine
Against the backdrop
Of dark

Where the smallest spark
Burns brightly
And laughter once again

Sprinkles ever so lightly
For no real reason
At all

Happy thoughts

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Sizzling look between green eyes
And the most beautifully rich brown
With that smile that begins

From the very edges
Of what could easily be a frown
Instead lifts wide
Refuses to hide

Stares straight to my soul
Makes me feel whole
And even more

The sudden desire to have
Any part of me
Touch any part of you

After the storm

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Absence of these nasty dreams
Where darkness wandered in
Then laid bare in smoking reams

Is this where my rebirth begins?
Or the calm before rehashed sins
Where once fear filled every space
Rekindled hope tries to take its place

Infinitesimal doubts wait to see
Will this inevitably blow up in face?
Or will this abyss finally cease to be

In the slowly fading pink lights of day
Pleading to finally remove this decay
Where the devil doesn’t get to play
And for once it’s me with final say