Fun moments

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This widening of lips
That ever so slowly grips
The very edges

Lifts and stretches
Makes the perfect acoustics
For the laughter

That follows
Very soon after
This entertaining banter

Where it’s simply fun
Nothing to be understood
And life is good


Good night moon

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Much needed hush
Dim shadows loom
After a day filled rush

His voice fills the room
Washes away the gloom
As I lay and listen

Every nerve comes to call
More pieces of me fall
This love in my ear

Wipes away these fears
Makes me feel at least
Ten glorious feet tall


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That clenching
Wrenching pain
At the centre of gut
Anguish uttered what
Of fat salted tears
Roll Insolently down
Wet parched cheeks
upon weeks
Of nourishing fears
Where years came
Flooding back
Veins pump
with blood
Push breath away
And the horrible thought
That just perhaps
This decay is here
To stay


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of mental health
Bountiful wealth
Of resources and links
Yet still stigma blinks

That strength lacks
As nightmares black
Out the light
The constant battle

Between fight and flight
Where day bleeds to night
And the cattle call
That it all

Must be swept away
Speak but don’t say
Hand over mouth
Words kept at bay

And I here I perch
Methodically searching
For answers
Is it forty-two?
Is it me?
Is it you?
With not a clue

Except the iron
In my bones
And this stubborn streak

I will speak
Will not lay down
So easily crowned
And then conquered

the beauty in snow

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Cold snowdrops fall
Land with a soft plop
On the very top
Of red knitted head

Before tumbling
Before the landing

On upturned nose
In a prayers pose
As beautiful flakes
Stake a claim

Into parched flesh
Cleanly mesh
Spirit with mind

A reminder where life
Is surely kind
With no need to rewind
But simply breathe
Leave the pain behind

Primordial dances of the soul

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Fingers entwined in sensual embrace
Lips take a route and slowly trace
The path from here to paradise

Where once Eve seduced the snake
And Adam sat silently by
Yet aware of her satiated sigh

Where hearts beat and turn fast
Limbs tangle and make a cast
Of the scene before the fire

Long gone, the sinners pyre
Left only with the flesh and love
Reigning wet kisses from above

A primordial dance
Between two lovers whole
Seek redemption in their souls

The devil plays pinball

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Shiny reams of flashy lights
Fill tired eyes
With copious arcade delights
Contented sighs
As forked tongue flicks

Licks at the cream
Of the crop
Uses every feeling
For such a wonderful prop


What is this horrible stink
Is it this fermenting drink
Or these ugly thoughts to think?

Let’s blink
And remove these dreams
Bring back those shiny reams
Winner takes all
Stays until last call

Free of all constraints
That masks this beauty
And continues to taint

Every word
And every look
Rewrites the gospel
And poisons the book

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