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The road twists and turns
Rubber burns
And tires spin on wet pavement

Cold rain
And colder fears
Windshields dripping

With the simile
Of these long unshed tears
Made from miles and miles
And years and years

Where the smiles
Meant to hide the clouds
And mistrust shrouds
Every good intention

Because expectation
Once associated with pain
Is so scared to reach out

Once again
Letting go
And truly trust
Goes against the grain


Twists and turns

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And the hand goes ‘round and ‘round
Then ‘round again
With barely a hint of a sound
As the grains of sand slowly drip
Slip endlessly forward

Down into the hourglass
Before it gets flipped back upon
Its weary head

Just when we thought
We’ve learned our lessons
We go around the same ol’ bend

Like that horrible moment
Where heart is disconnected
From brain
And irrevocably fate presses send

And just when we think
This must be the end
We go again
Around the bend

For another kamikaze plunge
And before we can blink
We sink
Into the realization
That the twists and turns
Often contradict
What we once thought

Before the hand ticked faster
And faster
And the tock
Got louder and louder

Yet here I am
standing in the same place

One piece of advice to my children

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Be kind
Even if
It takes more than
One try

Show grace
When you’ve
Been wronged
And try to remember
The overwhelming majority
Of us
Have kindness and humanity

And when you’ve wronged
Own it
Ask forgiveness
Pray for grace

But learn
Always learn
From both giving
And asking

For forgiveness
And grace

And never
Withhold it
Because someone else
Does not give it

You’re actions define you
This is where you
Make a difference
In this life.

Love over hate
Kindness over selfish disregard
And with grace we remember
None of us perfect
And that is perfectly ok

The way we love

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When the world is crashing down
We stand together
Holding hands
Standing strong
Against the storm
Heart to heart
When otherwise would tear us apart

Your beautiful eyes stare into mine
Memorizing every line
And there’s nothing
I can define
That would change
In the way we love

Dark skies and turbulent nights
Wondering sometimes
If we’ve lost sight
But one look into each other’s eyes

We can plainly see
The beauty and clarity
Of what’s right
And good
In our love
With you and me


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Daily gratitude

I opened my eyes this morning
And I saw you
Felt you next to me
Knew I wasn’t alone

Then ventured outside
And felt the cool air
On my warm skin
Knew there was life flowing through me

I heard laughter from my babies
All grown up
As I drove them to their destination
With our banter
Knew that love
surely blessed me
Everywhere I turn

Even when I yearn for more
And appreciate less
There is so much Grace
In his eyes

And for all of this
Tears gather
And slip
Drip gently down cheeks
This beautiful morning

For the ride

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We hurdle around the sun
In what seems
A rollercoaster-ride
Where they forgot to put out
The minimum height signs

An utter standstill
One second
Wondering if anything
Will EVER happen

Then the next shooting past
So fast
Heads spinning
Winning, losing
Often confusing the two

Reaching the top
With smiles for miles
Arrogance until

Down you go again
Break neck speed
Your breakfast
Rising to the back of your throat

As you twist and turn
Dream and yearn
For days gone by
Or yet to be

And always, always
Of what’s around the bend
Instead of the exact moment
In the seat you were assigned

Hoping this thing was
Better designed
Than is sometimes appears

Where sometimes seconds
Feel like years
And minutes can skip to decades
And as we turn around the other side
And light fades
We hope
We enjoyed the ride

Out of my league

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Outside smiles
And Miles and miles
Until the day is done

Between the lessons and fun
Before the sun unravels
And becomes undone

All the while my insides
Are twisting and turning
And hurting
And knowing
Somethings just not right

Hiding the pain
That’s always there
Beneath these sighs
Brushing away the water
That seeps unbidden
From these eyes

As I kiss my babies
And hold them close
Hope they don’t look closely
And ask the why’s

Because I’m afraid
I wouldn’t have an answer
To soothe their minds

Or mine either
As my body wages a war
That I have no idea
If I can win
Or for what sin
I’m paying for now

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