Holding onto faith

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I release all
That sits upon my shoulders
And let it fall like leaves
From trees

Let it land as it may
While I lift my voice
Towards heaven
And softly pray

I am reminded
That faith isn’t
Something I can see
Yet merciful
Is something I can be

So let these teardrops
Dry from my eyes
As I search
Into pink hued sky’s
For things
That cannot be seen


Around the sun with yours

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The clock turns over
And the candles blown

Another year around the sun
And all the things
I’d thought I’d known

Thrown to the wind
The stars, the sky
To the never ending
Question “why?”

Because of all the things
I thought I knew
It turns out
May not be true

It may not be as bad
As it may have seemed
Or I I may not be
As sad
As I’m apt to see

All because
You love me
And I love you

When it doesn’t make sense
And doesn’t seem fair
Or I don’t have a clue

Just holding you close
And suddenly I don’t care
And I’m just glad

For the life in my eyes
That leap into yours
As our fingers entwine
And lightness soars
And any cries
Are from the laughter
That makes our sides split

As we sit
Side by side
Hand in hand
Heart to heart

And as the slate wipes clean
I realize
This hourglass
And this sand
Is a beautiful thing

Now to keep this
In mind
As the hand
Keeps the line

Dimming the lights

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Lights twinkle
From evergreen branches
Faces aglow

And laughter sprinkles
The air with lightness
As brightness
Of holiday cheer

To everyone’s heart
Yet I stand
Just slightly apart

In constant fear
Dreams simmer
And anxieties held dear

Where tears depart
And seep
Creep slowly
Down cheeks

From memories
Thought forgotten

Until they creep
Through every nerve
Serve to remind

Every insecurity
Forget every leap
Of faith

In the dark
Of night
Where loss of sight
Can be found

On dark ground
Until that light
Of faith
Is shone bright


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Isn’t about you
It’s not a slight
A blight of character
Nor the whole picture

A flight
Of fancy
Or whim of selfish
Delight in a better offer

Silence isn’t an answer
Or a message
No hidden meaning
Buried deep within
The psyche

Silence is simply silence
In a soul
That right now
Doesn’t feel quite whole

And nothing said
Will offer solace

So silence.


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The road twists and turns
Rubber burns
And tires spin on wet pavement

Cold rain
And colder fears
Windshields dripping

With the simile
Of these long unshed tears
Made from miles and miles
And years and years

Where the smiles
Meant to hide the clouds
And mistrust shrouds
Every good intention

Because expectation
Once associated with pain
Is so scared to reach out

Once again
Letting go
And truly trust
Goes against the grain

Twists and turns

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And the hand goes ‘round and ‘round
Then ‘round again
With barely a hint of a sound
As the grains of sand slowly drip
Slip endlessly forward

Down into the hourglass
Before it gets flipped back upon
Its weary head

Just when we thought
We’ve learned our lessons
We go around the same ol’ bend

Like that horrible moment
Where heart is disconnected
From brain
And irrevocably fate presses send

And just when we think
This must be the end
We go again
Around the bend

For another kamikaze plunge
And before we can blink
We sink
Into the realization
That the twists and turns
Often contradict
What we once thought

Before the hand ticked faster
And faster
And the tock
Got louder and louder

Yet here I am
standing in the same place

One piece of advice to my children

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Be kind
Even if
It takes more than
One try

Show grace
When you’ve
Been wronged
And try to remember
The overwhelming majority
Of us
Have kindness and humanity

And when you’ve wronged
Own it
Ask forgiveness
Pray for grace

But learn
Always learn
From both giving
And asking

For forgiveness
And grace

And never
Withhold it
Because someone else
Does not give it

You’re actions define you
This is where you
Make a difference
In this life.

Love over hate
Kindness over selfish disregard
And with grace we remember
None of us perfect
And that is perfectly ok

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