In transit

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Trundling along
Moving forward
Always forward
Never backward

But somehow always
Looking behind
Finger eagerly pressing
Brain addicted
To the painful
Refrain of yesterdays

Trundling along
Moving forward
Always forward
Never backward

Despite forgiveness
Salvation sought
A soul holds on tight
To the sins
Of yesterday

Trundling along
Moving forward
Always forward
Never backward

So many wonders
To see
Ahead of me
If I can take these fingers
Off the button
And keep my eyes

These tearful sighs
We inevitability cry
For bygone memories
That haunt
Taunt us from
The shadows
Of stubborn minds

Trundling along
Moving forward
Always forward
Never backward

Where you await
Hold open the gate
To heavens door
Place your well worn
Hands on both cheeks

Where these tears
And gently kiss away
All my fear
Before you pull me near

And the skies clear
Beauty so surreal
I can only feel
This wondrous love
I didn’t know
Could possibly exist
If only I open my soul
And see the whole

Trundling along
Moving forward
Always forward
Never backward

But somehow always
Looking behind
Finger eagerly pressing
Brain addicted
To the painful
Refrain of yesterdays


Clean slates

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This new day dawns
Fresh page
Full of three
Hundred sixty five

Pristine blank pages
Eager to be filled
With adventure

Of my own choosing
No disguise
Or subterfuge

A path forward
Or frozen in time
Truth here in daylight
Or the same
Comfortable old lies

So here I walk
On my new path
Of complete truths

Shed the mantle
Of my youth
In freedom

And trust
in a higher power
I walk with you
Without fear

So near the light
Not afraid
Of the darkness
In the night

These insecurities
That bite
At my heels

I’m standing strong
In faith
Full of love
And I long
To fill these pages
Full of bright

For the love of Brussel sprouts

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You smile and say
Brussel sprouts
Don’t tell a story
Of love

I just laugh
And accept that
Cookies and tea
Maybe a lovely scene
But with a twinkle
And grin

And uplifted chin
I prove you a little wrong
Because although
These little green balls
May have a bad rep

Into every little kids
Christmas dinner nightmares
One things for sure

Every year without compare
Those little cabbages
Show up
Stout tradition
On the Christmas rendition

Year in
Year out
To the bitter end
My little friends are always there

Never fail
When I need them
Never changing
Ever raging
Inside my stomach

Passionately reminding me
Of the festivities
I’ve just partaken
Never forsaken me

So my dearest love
Brussel sprouts
Can and do represent
Our current love

You just have to think
Outside of what
Your Romantic heart
Was trying
To think of

How many more sleeps?

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Sitting here watching day
Fade to night
A tree all decorated
With festive light

And excitement
From the days activity

You far away
And me here

So I close my eyes
Wipe the water
That leaks with these sighs

And I picture the quiet scene

Sugar cookies and tea
And you
And me

Not unlike that night
Not so long ago
Where we sat and spoke

And my heart awoke
Some way through
The conversations, laughter
And crumbs

And sips of tea
Of you and me

Recharging the batteries

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I can’t get through
And I panic
Because I can’t see

Your beautiful face
Your beautiful voice

With your soul
So I can plug in
To once again
Feel whole

Across the lines
Where we collide
Until the physical
Can once again unite

Excite the senses
Touch of fingertips
Lip to

Of your love
Not just whispers
Across cables
Able to keep

This ache at bay
Persuade this heart
That all’s well
While half is missing
And pulled apart

A reminder
It’s truly an art
This juggling of logic
And emotion

And what draws us
So close together
Isn’t always obvious
When we can’t
Touch it
See it
Feel it
Except in our hearts

Finding faith from a distance

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Always Wednesday
Stuck in a loop
Emotions droop

I press the button
Make the call
But nothing happens
It all falls

Into the abyss
Of the black hole
Wifi darkness

Where somewhere
Between here
And there

We’ve been
So we must reach
Out of ourselves

Off of these shelves
And think beyond
Logic and emotion
To faith

Teach our souls
To trust in each other
And in what we already know

If we still our minds
And slow our hearts
Come somewhat apart

To come together again
So we can find
Love is surely bright
Right here within

Beneath the chaos
Self created
If we simply lift it
To the light

True gifts

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So long ago
A babe was born
To save us all

Through sacrifice
And salvation
Humanity did not fall

And by Gods grace
We are all here
Without need
Of ribbons
Or bow’s
Or boxes

Just a simple prayer
And kindness to family
Or a stranger in need

So that Jesus
Did not bleed
On that cross in vein

So on this Christmas Eve
Gather around the tree
And sing his praises
And again
And again

For Love has saved us
And set free
For you, and me
And for all to see

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