Good reminders

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I’m sitting on the train
Trying to keep
These tired eyes open
Lack of sleep
Piling onto me
Like a fifty pound weight

When through my headphones
Our song softly
Comes through
And suddenly
Behind closed lids
There I am with you

Gone are weeks
Of stacking and packing
Stress lurking in every corner

Just you and me
Body to body
Swaying to the music
Obeying what’s in our hearts

And I remember
Once again
All the reasons why


Last night without you

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Wind whips at the tent
Where sleeping row
Of sticky faces
Fill so many spaces
In this heart

But I lay here awake
Counting the hours
Until we’re no longer apart

And that thought
Makes my heart
Skip so many beats
And the intrepid heat
Inside this tent
Is like the most luxurious
Of retreats

Let’s build sandcastles

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Just after the crow of the cock
In the distance water laps at the dock
In the trees birds sing
Bring the sunlight into view

But somehow the splendour
Before me
Becomes muted
When it isn’t shared with you

As the train takes you
To the daily grind
Oddly wishing I was there too
If it only meant
I was next to you

Or you were here to see
This lake before the chaos
Of splashing kids
Sticky faces and sunny smiles

So I send my heart
The commuted miles
To sit next to you on that train
And rain kisses
On that beautiful face

Even though nothing could replace
Me sitting next to you
Hand in hand
Whether it be going to work
By a lake
Or somewhere in between

In this hourglass
With every drop of sand
Let’s build sandcastles
Together, hand in hand

Flipping the pages

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The train trundles
My mind rumbles
Memories flip
Like pictures
On the corners
Of pages

And the faster
I go
The more animated

And with every memory
My smile widens
Heart elated
With whirlwind
Of feels

That heal
Peel these layers
Of heavy weight
Long sat
On my soul

Beauty or the Beast?

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Both the beauty and the beast
But not the best
Or the worst
Of the sum
Of the least

Just a girl
Who sometimes fails
To be

Who you expect me to be
And certainly
Not the one
I want to see

Staring back at me
Through this projection
In this broken reflection

Both the beauty and the beast
But not the best
Or the worst
Of the sum
Of the least

Sometimes the lady
Who can do no wrong
Every good deed in check

so long overdue
in the celebration
of a million kind deeds
seeds planted
in a world in dire need

where every action
is wiped clean
by the last impression

and perception bleeds
into the fabric of life
shatters the foundations

until those seeds
are left in doubt
and bonds are broken
little insinuations
left unspoken

Both the beauty and the beast
But not the best
Or the worst
Of the sum
Of the least

Yet hope
Inside this mind
That truth
With set me free
And every line
In every poem

And every action
Now split
Into these factions

And every reaction
Over emotional
Roller coaster ride
I couldn’t hide

Inside these transparent eyes
or tearstained tracks
black from lack
of sleep

from inner voices
and doubt filled choices
where faith faded
and light couldn’t get in

Both the beauty and the beast
But not the best
Or the worst
Of the sum
Of the least

Yet here I am
Still standing
Still loving
Still wishing and hoping
And dreaming
With reams and reams
Of life left

And smiles
Always smiles
To go the miles
For those I love

Because despite it all
My heart heeds the call
It beats – beats – beats
Without defeat
Of imperfections
And with acceptance

That I am.

Both the beauty and the beast
But not the best
Or the worst
Of the sum
Of the least

Birthday gift

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There aren’t enough
Or bows

To wrap
This love I have
For you

That just grows
And grows
And grows

As you blow
Out your candles
To mark
Another year
Around the sun

I want to give
You so much more
Then what
Fits in a box

Just so much laughter
And fun
Until cheeks
And we roll into a pile
Of upturned faces

Days and weeks
Of sun
Full of green spaces
Hand in hand

To waters edges
And pinky promises

Where for moments
The hourglass
And the sand stand still

And we take our fill
Of happiness
And kisses

And silly wishes
Just grand enough
To come true

And more trips
around the sun
For me and you


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Inside this chaotic mind
thoughts push
And pull

Bully one another
For the opportunity
To press rewind

Before they line up
One by one
Row by row

To repeat
Every unkind
Out of the blue

Come unglued
Cruel commentary
Of self doubted thought

Self taught
For naught
Word, by word, by slicing word

That strips the confidence
From these bones
In condescending tones

Until the only thing left
Is this child
Inside this woman’s mind

She’s obviously
Out of her league
And what were
they possibly thinking

When they thought she
Was worthy
Of such lofty pursuit

And now they’ll surely find
That she’s a fraud here blinking
In her empty head
So little to be said

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